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“I’m not anti-social; I’m just not user friendly”

Short emo note about how weather affect your mood

I hate when it’s gray and raining.

I then feel so alone and sad. Like the good life is passing somewhere near but I can’t get there.

Even warm bath didn’t help here..


I’ll be emo for few days.

So long 



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New desk and armchair

Yeeeeeeees! I’ve got new desk and armchair, now I can sleep on my armchair :D


Old one

Old desk


New one

New desk

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RPG Maker XP

RPG Maker XP

So there are going to be a lot more jRPGs. Why not?

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Oh my God, There’s spider in my computer!

Super size network for your PC

(Click here to see the photo)

PC I ecountered some time ago while repairing computers in some company.

Don’t forget to clean your PC.

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Technorati Profile
Just a quick note to reclaim my blog on technorati

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My car

Why do I like my car? I think because it’s a really cool car. When I’m driving streets of my city almost everyone looks at it.My Car

But sometimes I hate it. When I need to refuel it, It drinks the gas like some fucking truck, and it’s more painful now when the gas price is so high. And I hate it don’t wont to drive anymore, like last time when I were driving on the high way 120km/h when my little car suddenly said that it don’t want to work anymore. And it took me almost 2h to get to home which included calling for help. I know a lot about computers and related things, but I’m not good when it comes to repair a car.

 btw. sorry for my English. It’s my second language and it still need a lot of improvement.

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Welcome on my new web log :)
I’ll try to post here some of my projects.
Now they are all in the planing stage :)
See you soon ( i hope )

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