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I’m looking outside the window..
I see a whole bunch of colors
Red, Yellow, Green, Violet
Sun is shining through leaves.
Ground is covered with dead leaves,
But it isn’t depressing
It is like a big warm carpet
Nostalgic feeling.

I like it

Now I only missing someone to shere that feeling with


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Some Photos


Some photos from morning.

Flickr Photo

Flickr Photo

Sun Rise were quite impressive. In real it looked much better.

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Flock testing


I downloaded new flock (0.4.9 I think).

Good things:
– blogging interface (I’m using it now)
– del.ico.us bookmarks
– still looking for some others
– I may be wrong but I think that it’s working a bit faster then FF.

Bad things:
– I can’t find a way to open a whole category in tabs
– There are some problems with this blogging interface
– Nothing more now.. I’m still testing it.

Ok.. If I’ll acounter any more problems or find any other good thing I’ll let know.

Bye for now

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Battle Royale

I bought myself an Battle Royale DVD.. And they gave me some magazine with it. Gratis. I don’t even know what was the name of this magazine.. I threw it away.

Film is good. Strange but good. What I like most is the end of it, when there are those kanji sings that says “RUN”.

“Run for things that you want”

    It’s so fucking true. You should run and fight for things that you want beacouse life is too short for doing shit. I know that this movie has a lot of more to tell, but I liked this part most.

j0! See you next time

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IR WebCam


I finally made my own IR webcam.

Here’s inspiration.

This is how I look i n the IR Light.


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Gaming time


I got Fable: The lost chapters. It’s really good game. Story is just great, full of changes and a lot of humor, but also with some thrill. Gameplay just sucking you into the world of heros and villians. Graphic and sound effects are very good.

Few times I thought that it’s end of game, but I was WRONG. And that’s very very very good for that type of game.

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