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Am I programmer? Or what?

If you get money for programs you write does it mean that you’re programmer? Or is how you feel about what you’re doing. Me.. I’m not programmer.. I don’t feel like one. I’m getting money for my programms (C, C++, Python) but It’s just some side work. I don’t want to be stricte programmer. I prefer some more. Networking, Soft. dev., system maintance, and many more from CS :>

So.. Question. What makes you a programmer.


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  1. Atholas says:

    Simple: if you write computer programs, you are a programmer ;-) If you get money for your code, you are called a “professional” programmer. If you don’t (like myself), you are called an “ameuter” or a “hobbyist” programmer. Doesn’t make much difference to me though, as long as I know that I am coding some junk :-D

    But these days, the term “programmer” seems to be associated with some kind of cheap labor — a role that doesn’t get much say in the planning and design decision making of a piece of software. Bottom line? If you code, you are a programmer. But if you do more than just implementing some design, you are more than a programmer. Sorry utek, I think the wine is taking its effect on me :-D

    “What’s in a name? That which we will call a rose. By any other word would smell as sweet.”

  2. hyperreality says:

    you’re probably being modest there!
    If they are paying you, then you’re a good code-writer (=programmer)! Otherwise they wouldn’t give you a dime!:)

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