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“I’m not anti-social; I’m just not user friendly”

randomID script

Small script that I wrote for my friend. All it does is to give random material ID to all objects in selection.



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floating window on WWW

My test with html and css and JS

Just to make some window floaiting. Works for sure in FireFox

There are some issues with IE so don't try it now "explorers"


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Am I programmer? Or what?

If you get money for programs you write does it mean that you’re programmer? Or is how you feel about what you’re doing. Me.. I’m not programmer.. I don’t feel like one. I’m getting money for my programms (C, C++, Python) but It’s just some side work. I don’t want to be stricte programmer. I prefer some more. Networking, Soft. dev., system maintance, and many more from CS :>

So.. Question. What makes you a programmer.

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So..Company that is hosting my other blog had some problems with one of their server. Nothing big. But why the hell half of my data is gone?

And there are some problems with file rights after repairs. That suck.

So now I’m writing my blog from the begining. Maybye it’s good. Nevermind.

I wrote that lsystems project for the algorithms classes. If anyone wants the source just let mi know (C++, wxWindows).

Ok. All for know.

Or.. Just one more thing. New adress of my other blog is blog.utek.pl

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New Shoes


Originally uploaded by ucio.

I bought new pair yesterday.

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Some stupid things

Fighting with SQL and math for tomorow classes..

Bah.. It would be all great if not job that take my time from 8 till 16 every day.. Salary is only good thing in this job. Nothing else

I think that I need new job, but don’t have time too look for it.

And I’m scared of new things that happens every time I try to change something.

Lack of social skills is killing me sometimes ;) 

 No time for 3d, and programming projects.

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I’m looking outside the window..
I see a whole bunch of colors
Red, Yellow, Green, Violet
Sun is shining through leaves.
Ground is covered with dead leaves,
But it isn’t depressing
It is like a big warm carpet
Nostalgic feeling.

I like it

Now I only missing someone to shere that feeling with

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Some Photos


Some photos from morning.

Flickr Photo

Flickr Photo

Sun Rise were quite impressive. In real it looked much better.

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Flock testing


I downloaded new flock (0.4.9 I think).

Good things:
– blogging interface (I’m using it now)
– del.ico.us bookmarks
– still looking for some others
– I may be wrong but I think that it’s working a bit faster then FF.

Bad things:
– I can’t find a way to open a whole category in tabs
– There are some problems with this blogging interface
– Nothing more now.. I’m still testing it.

Ok.. If I’ll acounter any more problems or find any other good thing I’ll let know.

Bye for now

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Battle Royale

I bought myself an Battle Royale DVD.. And they gave me some magazine with it. Gratis. I don’t even know what was the name of this magazine.. I threw it away.

Film is good. Strange but good. What I like most is the end of it, when there are those kanji sings that says “RUN”.

“Run for things that you want”

    It’s so fucking true. You should run and fight for things that you want beacouse life is too short for doing shit. I know that this movie has a lot of more to tell, but I liked this part most.

j0! See you next time

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