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“I’m not anti-social; I’m just not user friendly”

Battle Royale

I bought myself an Battle Royale DVD.. And they gave me some magazine with it. Gratis. I don’t even know what was the name of this magazine.. I threw it away.

Film is good. Strange but good. What I like most is the end of it, when there are those kanji sings that says “RUN”.

“Run for things that you want”

    It’s so fucking true. You should run and fight for things that you want beacouse life is too short for doing shit. I know that this movie has a lot of more to tell, but I liked this part most.

j0! See you next time


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IR WebCam


I finally made my own IR webcam.

Here’s inspiration.

This is how I look i n the IR Light.


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Gaming time


I got Fable: The lost chapters. It’s really good game. Story is just great, full of changes and a lot of humor, but also with some thrill. Gameplay just sucking you into the world of heros and villians. Graphic and sound effects are very good.

Few times I thought that it’s end of game, but I was WRONG. And that’s very very very good for that type of game.

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Short emo note about how weather affect your mood

I hate when it’s gray and raining.

I then feel so alone and sad. Like the good life is passing somewhere near but I can’t get there.

Even warm bath didn’t help here..


I’ll be emo for few days.

So long 


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New desk and armchair

Yeeeeeeees! I’ve got new desk and armchair, now I can sleep on my armchair :D


Old one

Old desk


New one

New desk

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RPG Maker XP

RPG Maker XP

So there are going to be a lot more jRPGs. Why not?

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Oh my God, There’s spider in my computer!

Super size network for your PC

(Click here to see the photo)

PC I ecountered some time ago while repairing computers in some company.

Don’t forget to clean your PC.

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Technorati Profile
Just a quick note to reclaim my blog on technorati

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My car

Why do I like my car? I think because it’s a really cool car. When I’m driving streets of my city almost everyone looks at it.My Car

But sometimes I hate it. When I need to refuel it, It drinks the gas like some fucking truck, and it’s more painful now when the gas price is so high. And I hate it don’t wont to drive anymore, like last time when I were driving on the high way 120km/h when my little car suddenly said that it don’t want to work anymore. And it took me almost 2h to get to home which included calling for help. I know a lot about computers and related things, but I’m not good when it comes to repair a car.

 btw. sorry for my English. It’s my second language and it still need a lot of improvement.

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Welcome on my new web log :)
I’ll try to post here some of my projects.
Now they are all in the planing stage :)
See you soon ( i hope )

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